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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First post in a while....


First time ive been on here in ages.

To summarise, ive recieved my xbox360- got it on the 7th August 2006; after much fucking hassle and stuff- i filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in America, and recieved me xbox360 within 2 weeks.
The last freebie i try to get; but still totally worth it- now gonna sell it now that ive had my fun with it!! I cant afford to buy stuff for it anyway, so its going to a better place :) lol

Onto the important stuff.

Slightly unprofessional for such a skilled writer to bring his personal life into this senario, but...

:) xxxxxxxx


Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Hey just a quick post to let people know that you can get your UK exam dates here;


Thursday, February 23, 2006

First A Free iPod.... Now What....

First of all i'd like to say a quick hi to everyone who got my email and bothered to even visit my site! Some of you know me as Dal, Darren, Dal G etc, and the old CSS lot will know me by GraFFighT or FingAZ of course! Feel free to reply to my email, or post a comment on here :)

(This is the >link< that i will be referring to throughout this post :) )

OK then on with the point of this site; so ive had my free 5th gen video ipod for what... about 3 months now (My post about my iPod is below! - Ill post a pic soon when i can be bothered :P); and ive decided i want a nice new xbox360- but HEY! who has the cash for that?!

Freepay thats who! The same people i got my ipod with are now doing xbox360's too!
My original statement was that it may cost you- i now withdraw that comment!! Read on to see why...

Heres the dealio; basically you sign up to their website (the links below), and complete an offer, and refer 10 friends (its quite alot i know, but it is an expensive free gift!)
The method i used to get my free ipod is this; sign up and complete an offer; BE SURE TO CHECK THE OFFERS, some MAY BE scams, ie. yearly subscriptions with hidden fees. I can recommend Audiable, BlockBuster, Screenselect, JackPotJoy, and Bingos.com (always read the terms and conditions)!

UPDATE:: There is an offer from screenselect which is a free trial (yet again ive checked the terms, conditions and policies throughout the site)- One month free trial - ABSOLUTELY NO HIDDEN COSTS GUARENTEED (Ive already signed up lol), soz about caps lol but its important- so it now doesnt cost a single penny to get a free xbox; which is quite a revelation in my eyes.
So after creating an account in freepay, use the screenselect offer. This is my suggestion from experience. (If you need help with any features of anything associated with this post, or previous for that matter, please feel free to post a comment- i will happily reply!)

So ive signed up;
I WAS going to complete the offer for Audiable.com - as its $9.95 per year-- HOWEVER, screenselect is totally free- so i went with that considering i have no money whatsoever atm lol (You do not need any money for this offer; but you will need a credit card, ie. Visa, Electron, Mastercard etc).

All that you people have to do is click here; http://xbox360s.freepay.com/?r=27954711, sign up, complete an offer and do exactly what im doing.... REFER FRIENDS!

Now; you may ask, how do i get my friends to sign up for this :S - the answer is simple, show them this page. I cannot explain just how simple this is- now that there is a free offer too, there is no loosers; people who dont manage to get all 10 friends still get 5 free dvd rentals!

As i said before; i got my free ipod video off this same site (well company; its naturally http://ipods.freepay.com or something)

SO! Do me a favour and use my link to sign up and get me an extra friend; then your signup won't go to waste!! This is how they make their money- the affiliates (offers) pay Freepay to list them on the offers page because they are guarenteed hits and sign ups! Bearing in mind that not all people successfully complete the process (and therefore don't get the product) there is alot of money to be made on freepay's end; and free xbox360's on ours!!

Anyway; to finish off i would just like to say that im really getting into this free stuff stuff lmao - i got a free 12 in 1 remote control today- £2 p&p was the only charge :)
Got some rubber stampers - custom ones naturally lol, various free samples of tea are headed my way (had a phase lol) ect! its as simple as typing "free stuff" into google lol Give it a go, theres no loosers in this game.

Click the link and pass on the message!


A Quick Guide To ScreenSelect
- Sign up (Be sure to access their site from your FREEPAY ACCOUNT, not via www.screenselect.com!!)
- Select at least 10 DVDS to be added to your 'list' (do not click the buy button, this is for something else)
- Wait an hour or so and they will send your first DVD within the next three days.
- Recieve the disk in the post (its free postage&packaging both ways)
- Watch it
- Send it back
- As soon as theyt recieve it, they will work on sending you your next disk!
- Credit on freepay sites is recieved within 5 days of completeting this usually; but can take 15days +.

Update: So far its been two days, and i have around 5-6 signups - things have slowed though - so if you are a little uncertain whether to do this or not; what have you got to loose!! I am seriously on my knees begging you- this system does work; theres a whole website dedicated to these kinds of schemes; http://uk.anything4free.com/ - i recommend checking it out! (Just remember to use the referral link on THIS site when you sign up!

Update 21/03/06:
OK, so ive had my link posted on a high hitting website (A big "Thanks" to them!!), and am currently on 9 out of 10 referrals!!! and ive got 130+ yellows (aka still pending / not completed an offer) - how goods that! I gotta get one; lets hope there isnt a backorder!!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Guide To Getting A Free iPod : www.freeipods.com review

OK, so we all understand that there are numerous types and amounts of internet scams out there, but this my friend is NOT one of them.

Click Here For FreeiPods.com

As their website states; they have shipped over 19,000 iPods to the United States, Canada and the UK, and the site has been advertised on several TV shows such as CNN and Wired.

See people who already have one here! http://www.gratisnetwork.com/gallery.html

So how does it work? Quite simply, you sign up, do one of their tasks, and refer 5 friends.

The tasks can vary quite alot, but you always benefit from it anyway; for example one of the tasks at the moment (they vary from day to day) is to buy a years subscription (£10 for a year- one off payment) to a website that performs similar music download capabilities as that of Napster or iTunes. This is a bargin in itself, and not only that but you will end up with something to play all that downloaded music on!

My personal choice of task was JackpotJoy.com (please note; NOT ALL OFFERS COST MONEY) where i had to deposit a minimum of £10, play a few games and thats it. It just so happens that i played several games and actually ended up gaining £30.60! So i effectively got paid to have an ipod!

So you've completed the task? It can take around 15 days for that to clear, but dont let that stop you referring your friends! simply email all your friends and family who you think might be interested- if you think they might be a little dubious about the whole idea then feel free to point them to this page for a bit of clarity.

You only need 5 friends, and you will be surprised just how easy that is- but remember, they must complete the task too, and you may have to wait 15 days for their task to appear as complete before it counts as a referred friend.

Please help me get my refer a friends by signing up using this link; http://www.freeiPods.com/?r=21087020

I personally read the terms and conditions, privacy statements etc on the site and the referal's site because i am naturally edgy about things like this; but it all checked out fine. I've also read articles and spoken to people who have recieved their ipods (as well as other free products the company offers). The only complaint i have heard of is that of spam. Make sure you UNTICK any boxes to do with mailing lists during signup. I personally have had no spam whatsoever, but if you do feel uncomfortable about this, you can always make a quick new email address at www.hotmail.com to carry the burden.

I hope this quick guide has helped you to understand the idea behind the website, and reasuured you into joining! If you're still unsure i recommend googling for something along the lines of "freeipods.com review", and read the terms and conditions on the site.

Final Note: Please do NOT use the comments feature on this blog to post your referal links.

Addition: 11 September 2005;
All i need is two more people! I do know one more person, and possibly a second, but i would really appreciate it if you sign up using my link to save any hassle! My offer is complete and went through quite a while ago, and have had 3 people successfully complete offers too. I will post when all 5 people have signed up, and provide continual feedback as time progresses, including a picture of me with my ipod when i recieve it! :p

Addition: 20 October 2005;
Now i have had my referrals cleared, and have submitted my order for the new 30GB ipod (the one that does video) :D ive got to wait until about monday-wednesday next week and then the order should be sent :D

Addition: 27th January 2006;
Happy new year first, but secondly, ive had my free ipod for over a month! (got it in December) and its the new 30GB Video. All those non believers can suck my cock!! ha ha ha ha! If your going to sign up, i reccommend finding another persons referral link, it makes sense to help someone- you'd expect someone to do the same for you!! I recommend starting and advertising a blog such as this; it got me two of my referral links! Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the OFFERS as some of them are subscriptions.
Lastly, GET AN IPOD! Yeah.

Hmm Neeice.

Well Danny's dad is Adolf Hitler and mine is Oliver Cromwell. Oliver is such a pikey. Adolf's just a queer, but at least my dad isnt a moron.

Seeing Bullet For My Valentine today, should be a laugh; aparently Trivium are gona be the support band? Rumours though :)

Bah im bored :)

Speak soon ya whores
x lol

Monday, September 05, 2005

Mnyes. :)

OK then, so i dont really have much to write about today; apart from the fact that ive gotta do the washing up, tidy my room, and do my geography coursework before the day is up lol. Great.

So... how about some random stuff; the word 'shwaa'.
Shwaa is pretty random, i randomly came out with it one year ago tomorrow (caught on in about a day or two lol); the first day of college. I don't know why i said it, there might be a good reason but meh.

Meh is another good word. It means quite literally, "meh". Consider it an emphasised M. lol. It can mean anything from "oh well", to "i dont give two shits" etc.
For example, "You do realise that you was supposed to wash the car today dont you?", "Meh". Its a handy phrase, get used to using it and life becomes easier. My mate Matt started me off on this, and me other mate Dob finished me off, and i now use it far too much lol.

Another one for randomness was Mnyes. pronounced m-n-yeas (say the single letters like you used to in primary school or nursery and youve got it lol).
Its basically a stupid yes. Can be used to agree, to annoy, or for added sarcasm.
For example (in annoying sense) saying mnyes to every question a friend asks you for an hour.
Or, (in the agreeing sense) "would you like to come over my house tonight?", "mnyes!".
Or even, (in the sarcastic sense) "You really like it don't you", "Mnyes". This word was created by either my mate Sam, or one of his relatives, so nice one to them.

Another (final word so no more brackets for a while.) word is Feck. Blatently a nice alternative to the the word "fuck". Not so rude, so useful in more 'inconvienient' places. For example, your doing DIY, smack you hand with a hammer or drill, and the kids are nearby; "Ah Feck!!". We can thank the irish for that one. Gotta love em! :D

Anyway thats enough of putting off the washing up and room tidying and coursework n crap for now, spose id better get on with it. Album of the day; Primer 55, check em out; i think HMV import it- or amazon.co.uk (Americans can live it up, you can probably buy it at your local music shop lol, lucky bastards.)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Re-Gain Control Of Gaming. Sparkle 6600 Review

A few months back i had a graphics card faliure, and do you know what? I'm actually happy about that.

I used to have an Abit Siluro GeForce 5600 DT Graphics card; for all you non-techs out there, thats a fairly average card at the time of print.

To cut a long story short; i needed a new graphics card and FAST. But where am i going to get a half decent one with a £100 budget??

http://www.cclonline.com thats where!

I grabbed a Sparkle 6600 and it runs all my current games maxed out (Battlefield 2, Sims 2, HalfLife 2, Guild Wars, etc etc)- all for less than i had previously paid for my older one!! Result.

To summarise, if you are looking for a sweet graphics card, on a tight budget- this is the one. If you can afford it get the Sparkle 6600 GT, its a fair amount better, for only about £20 more.
I have previously owned a Sparkle 5200 (my first proper GFX card!) and it was amazing for the time; ive had 2 non-sparkle GFX cards since that and none of them matched up to it; even though they had higher specs!

I highly recommend ANY sparkle products.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

My Holiday To Frenchmans Beach (Camber Sands, UK)

OK so i thought i mite as well post a little about my holiday; it was only a little monday to friday thing but it was cool- We stayed in a 8 person caravan (me, my gf vicky, my brother and his girlfriend rachel, and my mum and her boyfriend dave) at Frenchman's Beach near Camber Sands in the UK.

The whole place was great, pure scenery all round, so chilled out its unbelieveable, nice and quiet too :)

Theres so much to do though; water sports, shopping (particularly antiques- there was a shop that sold war time memorabilia however u spell it), boating and anything else you can think of.

Rye Harbour- effectively where we stayed- its just along side the estuary, opposite to camber sands; our local beach was mainly rocks but was still amazing view-wise (see the pics). There was also an amazing sunset across the feilds behind the beach, which i also got pics of :)

Theres also pics of the caravan and the view from the top of the cliff between hastings and winchelsea.

The river cutting through the small town of Rye.

The castle, viewable from most of Rye and its surrounding area.

Our 'local' beach :) vicky took this pic, its a goodun too.

The sunset on the first night; just behind our local beach.

The view from the cliff between Winchelsea and Hastings.

Random jabber.

Well, i couldnt just have one post all by itself so ive decided to add another one.

I think it should be about the music i like. :) I know there are others who like it too;
Heres some bands worth listening to if heavy rock/metal is your thing;

-Funeral For A Friend*
-Avenged Sevenfold*
-Iron Maiden*
-Foo Fighters*
-Sum 41*
-System Of A Down*
-All That Remains
-As I Lay Dying
-Bullet For My Valentine*
-El Diablo Ninos
-Lamb Of God
-My Chemical Romance*
-Dream Theatre
-One Minute Silence
-Papa Roach*
-Queens Of The Stoneage*
-Breed 77*
-Bowling For Soup
-Bon Jovi*
-Blink 182*
-Apartment 26*
-36 Crazy Fists*
-From Autumn To Ashes*
-Fear Factory
-Lost Prophets*
-Linkin Park*
-Kings Of Leon*
-Killswitch Engage*
-Jimmy Eat World
-Ill Nino
-Hundred Reasons
-Good Charlotte*
-Primer 55*
-Naplam Death
-Through Silence*
-Tenacious D*
-Taking Back Sundays
-Electric Six
-Red Hot Chili Peppers*
-The Rasmus
-White Stripes*
-Velvet Revolver
-The Used*

that'll do. :) All of the ones with *'s next to them are defo worth a look if you havent heard them already- i recommend a program called bearshare to get copies of the tracks, but i do stress that if you like it, BUY IT! piracy is ruining bands and the entire music industry.

As for films; if you can get a copy of "Don't Be A Menace To South Central Whilst Drinking Your Juice In The Hood" i advise it; one of the funniest films ive ever seen- strong drug and violence references :)

Anyway, its like 3:34AM here in the UK, so im gona go bed; thank god im off college for anopther 4 weeks :D